Welcome to the Awaken Women’s Conference!

The Awaken Women’s Conference exists to empower women to pursue a vibrant and abundant relationship with Jesus Christ.

… let us be awake and sober … (1 Thessalonians 5:6)

***Look for information in the fall of 2018 for our upcoming 2019 conference!

Comments about Awaken 2017:

“The teaching on Beauty in the Waiting was biblical,  with lots of scripture, examples of people that had to wait and what was learned in the waiting.  Music touched my spirit and  I  wept and wept. I think it was all healing.  I was just recently diagnosed with my 4th cancer (yes that is four different types of cancers), waiting for results before my next step.  Your topic was a healing balm to my soul.  I too have learned lots during my times of waiting that perhaps I would not have learned otherwise. He is faithful.” – Esther

“The theme of the conference was intriguing to me, that’s why I wanted to attend. I have been “awakening” to more of what the Lord has for me these past few years and the speakers this weekend were so affirming in their messages as they shared how they experienced “beauty in the waiting”. It is very humbling to see how gloriously God works in our lives in all things big or small when we keep our eyes fixed on Him and it is a deep blessing to be reminded throughout the journey in various different ways of His constant faithfulness and presence with us. May you share more of His blessings as you pour yourselves into future conferences and opportunities.” -Kathryn

“A huge success based on the positivity and encouragement woman felt. I believe woman were met where they are at in their journey of faith and were encouraged to continue in their pursuit of getting know God and themselves. Already looking forward to what’s in store for 2018!” -Jen

“Thank you once again for a wonderful worship experience at the Awaken Conference.  We had a wonderful time and enjoyed all of the speakers.  The handouts that you provided in the form of the verse cards and little booklet are fantastic and will be used for years to come! They have found their way into my purse so they are with me when I may not have my Bible.  I just texted a couple of them to a friend who needed some encouragement.  Thanks for helping me be able to be the godly friend that she needed!” – Sonia

“I was refreshed by the Awaken Conference. Years ago I had written myself a little practical piece on what to do while waiting for healing (things from massage to praise). You reminded me of that, and my other waiting times. Thanks.”  – Sharon